I have been with 5 personal trainers in different places over the past 5 years or so, and obviously I have seen different styles of training. Francois is definitely among the very best. He does not believe in quick results, which is much different from most trainers on the market today ,all of whom put too much emphasis on some simple measures of the body like weight or BMI.  Instead Francois cares about you getting healthier and healthier, and I like this a lot. He cares about you deeply; he is very patient, encouraging, while being strict, keeping every routine and every session challenging. By the way he is very knowledgeable; he has so many routines in mind, and this alone easily distinguishes him from the rest. I wholeheartedly recommend Francois. You would not regret training with him.


I have worked with Francois for more than 3 years. After moving out of the area I have continued to train with him over Skype because he is the only trainer I have worked with that understands the work out I need and how far I can be pushed. I highly recommend him.


I am an octogenarian who tried to improve my physical condition over the last decade without much success, until I met Francois. His constant attention to details and cheerful attitude gave amazing results. Within 6 months of working with him, I was able to walk up the stairs without holding the railing, feeling more energetic and even go back to play tennis… I even sleep better after working out. Francois makes our sessions fun, alternating stretching, balance exercises and weight lifting with boxing and even occasional soccer. Several of my aging friends, some of them with physical challenges, also regard him as a great trainer. Based on my long-standing experience, I highly recommend Francois as a skillful trainer and a wonderful human being.


Francois has made exercise an unexpected and uplifting experience. I have been working with him for a year, and he changed my attitude to my physical being. I did not loose much weight, maybe 4-6 lbs, but feel more energetic, stable and fit. This improved my ability to concentrate, organize my daily routine and work more efficiently. More importantly, Francois makes the exercises fun, rarely repeating what we did previously , so it always feels like a new challenge. He is a unique individual, with great understanding of an individual’s physical weaknesses and strengths, and many of our friends say the same after working with him even for few months. I am delighted that he opened a personal training service, he is the best.


I have been working with Francois for several years and I am continuously amazed by the variety of exercises he has up his sleeve. He can provide an excellent workout whether it’s a gym with lots of equipment or at home or outside with very little equipment. He is also a kind and thoughtful person which makes it easier when he’s pushing you to work hard:)


Francois is a great trainer. I recommend him wholeheartedly. He keeps it interesting and challenging. I have made a lot of progress and he’s a really nice guy too.


I love to complain and hate to workout.  Francois has made fitness fun again by patiently working with me as I develop strength, flexibility, and lose the post-baby weight.  I enjoy the varied workouts which can include boxing, yoga, weight training, calisthenics, games, and stretching.  He knows my limits and is able to keep me motivated and encouraged with a gentle push.  He makes a great mommy & me trainer, often setting up obstacle courses for my kids to enjoy while I workout.



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